November 16th-23rd, 2014
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
ILDC Board of Directors



I am 41 years old and have been playing the game of Golf since I was 12 years old. I started into Long
Drive competitions 10 years ago and have never looked back.

I have competed in Remax events, National and International competitions throughout the Caribbean,
and in 2004 I was fortunate enough to win the Canadian Championships and became the Captain/Coach
of Team Canada.

In 2010, I along with Bill Stark (another Long Driver/Team Canada member and long time friend),
teamed up to form the International Long Drive Challenge because we wanted to create an organization
formed by hitters, for the hitters.

September 2010 our first International competition “stage” was set in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica
and proved to be a huge success. All of the Team and individual events were filmed and are currently
being processed into 30 minute TV shows to be aired on global television, thus promoting the sport of
Long Drive and more importantly, its athletes.

Our goal is to give athletes an International stage to compete on while at the same time representing
their individual Countries - the Olympics of Long Drive if you will.

We are very confident that we can and will deliver to both the athlete and the fan, what has been
absent for so long: passion, desire, dedication, and drive, while at the same time presenting to the world
the athletes themselves, from near and far ,who can hit a long ball on an International stage.

Hit them long and straight!



    Bill was born in London ON, has played golf since he was 5 years old (40+ years), and has spent the past
15 years honing his Long Drive skills; with the last 8 years participating in organized Long Drive events,
with his personal best in Long Drive competition (so far) being 425 yards.

Bill works hard so he can play hard. Since life unfortunately isn’t all about “play time”, he works a full
job in refining oil, as well as a full time job at his family owned golf course, he also spends part of his
time building and designing trailers for special purposes, and last but not least is an integral part of the
newly formed ILDC along with long time friend Rick Benoit.

When not putting around on the golf course Bill enjoys working on trucks, cars, boats (offshore as well
as fishing), snow skiing, hockey and travelling in his motor home with his two wonderful children and

“In the past few years I have met some great people and developed some new friendships in the Long
Drive world. I strongly feel that this sport can and will be developed into something great. I have every
confidence that we, the ILDC, together with the athletes, will make the sport of Long Drive a household
event watched by millions, and bring golf to a new era that adds excitement to the sport never before

“Rick thank you for your friendship and efforts as we move forward in this venture together and ROCK
THIS SPORT into the future.“  



Linda is no stranger to competition or to sports. Prior to getting involved in the exciting sport of Long
Drive she was an all around athlete who participated and excelled in many team and individual sports
such as cross country running, basketball, track and field, and mixed martial arts. She has been a
competitive athlete for over 30 years.

Most recently Linda has worked as a Conditioning Instructor, and Female Self Defense instructor. She
brings to the ILDC her competitive spirit, her administrative skills and knowledge of small
business operations as well as her love of photography (she'll be photographing the long drive athletes every opportunity she gets).

Linda is a member of VIEWS; a program developed by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of
Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)
. It was created in order to encourage female athletes,
coaches etc. to become more involved in spreading the word about the positive aspects of girls and
women being involved in sport and physical activity.

Long Drive in Canada needs more female representation and Linda’s goal in joining the ILDC is to
educate and foster enthusiasm and passion for the sport amongst other female athletes in her home
country, while at the same time assisting Rick and Bill with planning and operations to ensure the ILDC
becomes (which she knows it will), an overwhelming success.

“Any athlete with a competitive drive and spirit must try this sport! I highly believe in visualization and
mind setting and this sport is second to none for pressure under fire. We at the ILDC are going to show
it and promote it!”



Gerhard started his Long Drive career at age 22 (1999) when he won the South African Championship in his first year of competition. The same year he participated at the world finals in the USA, and continues to compete to this day.

His longest official drive is 415.35m (452 yards), and was hit during qualifiers for the 2010 International Long Drive Challenge in Jamaica. The distance was achieved at an altitude of 1300m at Pretoria, South Africa, on a level fairway.

Gerhard is the proud owner of Quantum Driving (an affiliated body to the ILDC). Gerhard recognized that the sport of Long Driving needed promoters and administrators to grow the sport to the benefit of the athletes, and thus the creation of Quantum and now his proud association to the ILDC. His vision as shared by the ILDC is that the addition of Long Drive as a team sport will grow media and spectator awareness, drawing not only more talented athletes but also more sponsors and opportunities for the competitors.

“I see us growing the sport of Long Driving to the point where all participating countries (8 countries by 2011), have a national network of events, culminating in provincial and national team selection for the International events, which started as 1 event in 2010, and will grow to a full international league in the very near future.”

Prior to International Long Drive, Gerhard also had the privilege of representing his country in Athletics and Karate, the latter in which he competed in International events as recently as 2008.

Gerhard holds a degree in Sport Science from the University of Pretoria, and whilst driving the Sport of Long Drive in SA and on the International stage, still owns a boutique gym and rehabilitation centre in Centurion, South Africa.


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